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M Power Point 2 Point Mk2


  • With the Point-2-Point, you can visually design and mark decorative details

20 Hole Equal Spacing Tool, Stainless Steel Construction


  • Mark up to 20 Equally Spaced Points
  • Mark Points Quickly and Easily from 1/2″ to 1 1/2″
  • Engraved Markings Help Measure Hole Distance.
  • 10″ Long Closed, Max of 30″ Open.
  • Stainless Steel Construction

Trend M/P2P01 Point 2 Point Equidistant Measuring Marking Tool, Up to 710 mm (24 in)


  • Equidistant Marking: Indicates Positions Across The Width Or Length Of Any Board From 85Mm To 710Mm Quickly And Accurately
  • Marking Positions: 7 Individual Marking Points Allows Any Workpiece To Be Marked In 2, 3, 4, 5 Or 6 Pieces
  • Great For Setting Out Dovetail Or Finger Joint Positions, Dowel Centres And More.
  • Ideal Design Tool: Very Useful In Design Work For Laying Out Positions And Transferring Them To The Work Piece

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Aluminum Expanding Sewing Gauge Button Guide Spacing Device for Buttons, Pleats & Crafts


  • ★: This handy tool gives you fast and accurate measuring.
  • ★: It’s quick and easy to use in sewing, arts and crafts, and even in gardening and cake decorating.
  • ★: Use for buttonhole spacing, hooks, eyes, snaps, shirring, smocking, clothing and drapery pleats and tucks, woodworking crafts and other hobby uses.
  • ★: Directions: Before using, with one hand on each end, flex the gauge several times. Lay the sewing gauge over your garment (or craft).
  • ★: Expands to 24″.

Ten-Point Spacing Dividers, 6″ Tall, Stainless Steel


    9 Pieces Expanding Sewing Gauge Aluminum Sewing Gauge Quilting Button Sewing Tool 24 Inch Equal Space Divider Expandable Sewing Tools with Black Buttons for Crafting Pleating Button Space


    • What you will receive: the package contains 1 piece of aluminum equal space divider tool and 8 pieces of black buttons for sewing, 9 pieces in total, complete in combination to satisfy your sewing and marking needs on various occasions
    • Reliable material: the hole measuring gauge is made of quality aluminum, sturdy and not easy to deform or go rusty, with well polished edges and surfaces, making it comfortable for you to grip and use; There are screws on these rulers to fasten these metal strips and enhance their flexibility, so you can use the gauge with confidence; The buttons are made of quality plastic, painted in black, not easy to fade or break, serving you for a long time
    • Portable size: the measuring divider measures approx. 6.3 x 3 inch, and can be expanded up to 24 inch long, can easily fold the spacing divider by hand and then store it in your gadget bags or boxes, without occupying too much space; And each button measure approx. 1 inch in diameter with 4 holes in the center, suitable for most clothes
    • Simple to operate: the sewing notion is simple for both beginners and experienced people to operate, you just need to put it on the target surface and hold the ends of the gauge, then gently stretch it as you need, finally mark the distance between these metal strips with a pencil, no other complex steps needed
    • Wide application: the adjustable measuring ruler is practical for sewing and quilting, you can apply them for fast accurate placement of buttons, hooks, dress pleats, such as shirring, smocking, pleats, tucks, gathers, strips and so on, at the same time, it can also be helpful in portion slicing, candle placing and tree planting

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    Aircraft Tool Supply Rivet Fan Spacer (Mini)


      Aircraft Tool Supply Rivet Fan Spacing Tool


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        CAMO Lever Deck Board Bending and Locking Tool for Faster & Easier Deck Installation


        • STRAIGHTEN WARPED BOARDS – Strong enough to straighten any warped board—from unruly pressure treated to dense hardwood
        • FASTER INSTALLATION – Speeds up grooved deck installations. Lock-in rows of boards and clips to quickly fasten
        • ADJUSTABLE – Tool adjusts to single, double, and metal joists for maximum job site versatility
        • REDUCES EFFORT – Multi-directional handle sets in one turn, providing powerful torque with minimal effort
        • UNIVERSAL USE -Works with any deck board, and for the best clip installation, use 2–4 across the length of the deck

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